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At First Monday Forum on April 3 the deans of international affairs schools at American University, Georgetown University and the George Washington University reviewed trends in instruction and course content.  In the picture, PD Council Member Sherry Mueller introduces (l-r) James Goldgeier of AU, Joel Hellman of Georgetown, and Reuben Brigety II of GW.


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Go Nimble or Go Home

Tuesday, November 2nd 2010

The U.S. Military spends $1.75 B/day going big because we can.  We’re big on guns, battleships, and battalions but not nimble enough with our information and netwars.  What’s been our philosophy?  James Jones once said, “The bigger the hammer, the better the outcome.”  In Iraq our strategy was “Shock and Awe” while General Powell advocated “overwhelming force.” 

It’s not hammer time. 

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Dr. Nancy Snow

Council member

Nancy Snow is a scholar, professor, speaker, and author/editor of six books, including the Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy, Information War, and Propaganda, Inc. Dr. Snow is a former Presidential Management Fellow in public diplomacy and cultural affairs at the USIA and Department of State. Reach her at www.NancySnow.com

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Author: Nancy Snow

Time for the State Department to enter the 21st Century

Monday, November 1st 2010

The Past is Prologue

A little more than 60 years ago foresighted American leaders devised a national security structure for the post-World War II 20th Century.  In the 1980s, another group of foresighted American leaders devised a way to create a more efficient and effective defense structure for our national security.  Additional changes to create a Department of Homeland Security and to coordinate the intelligence community came after 9-11. Now the time has come for the current generation of foresighted American leaders to match these efforts in the realm of foreign affairs.

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Author: Bill Kiehl

Does International Broadcasting Cost Too Much?

Thursday, October 28th 2010

Older Washingtonians will remember the retail mogul Robert Haft, who cut his own radio commercial saying, "Books cost too much!  That's why I started Crown Books."

Kim Andrew Elliott all but repeats slogan referring to United States international broadcasting.  In the recent issue of the Foreign Service Journal, devoted to government-funded broadcasting, the IBB research analyst does some cuff calculations and concludes: "The global audience of USIB [U.S. international broadcasting), 171 million listeners weekly, is about the same as that of BBC World Service.  However, USIB achieves that audience on a budget of $727 million, while the BBC World Service attracts the slightly larger audience with budget of just $420 million.

The new Broadcasting Board of Governors has launched a wide-ranging review that may affect all five organizations under its umbrella.  Elliott points out the savings that could be achieved through sharing of content and administrative costs.

Vested interests will quibble with Elliott's numbers and cite the complexities of mixing grantee organizations with IBB and VOA, which are federal agencies.  But the towering U.S. budget deficit forces everyone in public diplomacy to ask the question: does this cost too much?

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Joe B. Johnson

Board member


Joe B. Johnson consults on government communication and technology after a career in the United States Foreign Service.  He is an instructor for the National Foreign Affairs Training Center, where he teaches strategic planning for public diplomacy.

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Author: Joe Johnson

The Public Diplomacy Council is a nonprofit organization committed to the academic study, professional practice, and responsible advocacy of public diplomacy. Founded in 1988, the Council serves the community of public diplomacy professionals, professors and students interested in public diplomacy.





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