PDC Membership

     The Council consists of men and women of distinction and achievement who have demonstrated commitment to the principles and practices of public diplomacy through scholarship, teaching, and research, or through positions of responsibility in government or the private sector.

     Members of the Council are elected by the Board from nominations submitted by Council members to the Board, which seeks to ensure a broad range of talent and experience that reflects diversity in professional backgrounds and skills to include demonstrated accomplishment in government and non-governmental organizations. The Board takes into account sustained distinguished professional service, demonstrated continued interest in public diplomacy, and a willingness to contribute actively to the work of the Council. Residence in the Washington, DC area is not a criterion for membership.

     The Board strives to ensure that at least 25 percent of the membership of the Council is drawn from professional backgrounds other than career service in the Department of State and the United States Information Agency. Active-duty U.S. government personnel can be nominated as Associate Members of the Council.


PDC Associate Membership

Associate Membership in the Public Diplomacy Council has been created to allow the participation of current Foreign Service and Civil Service employees engaged in this crucial profession, who we hope will make the Council an informal “home.”

If you have a professional or personal interest in public diplomacy and would like to join our community, please complete our application form (available here) and send it along with $50 in dues to the Public Diplomacy Council, Bob Heath, Executive Director, 2401 Calvert St NW Suite 902, Washington DC 20008-2678.  

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