Public Diplomacy Video

Public Diplomacy

An Annotated Time Capsule from 1996


The Public Diplomacy Council invites you to view Public Diplomacy, a documentary about the use of information and cultural exchange in United States foreign relations.

The movie is a re-issue of two half-hour video programs made in 1996, with a new introduction and commentary by Robert Chatten and Ambassador Linda Jewell, two veteran practitioners. The Council sponsored this new one-hour production. The original videos were prepared by the U.S. Information Agency Alumni Association (now called the Public Diplomacy Alumni Association) and carried on many public television stations. Global Village Communications produced the original and the new release.

  • Introduction: Robert Chatten and Ambassador Jewell present the original videos as historic documentaries.
  • Part One: Telling America’s Story to the World. Traces the history of public diplomacy and describes how public diplomacy was conducted as of the mid-1990s. Explains how public diplomacy differs from traditional diplomacy.
  • Part Two: The Road Ahead. Discusses how the USIA was taking advantage of advances in communications technology at the dawn of the World Wide Web.

See original footage of USIA people and programs in action and judge for yourself the relevance of the issues and programs of that time for today.

Public Diplomacy from Public Diplomacy Council on Vimeo.

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