Rebuilding America's PD

Rebuilding America's Public Diplomacy


U.S. Public Diplomacy: Three Challenges: Luncheon to Honor the 2013 Davis Fellows in Public Diplomacy

Bishop, Donald (2013)


Landscape of International Broadcasting: VOA and the BBC at a Crossroads

Heil, Alan (2011)


Where the Rubber Meets the Road: PD As It Is Practiced Abroad

Kiehl, Dr. William (2009)

In the Inaugural Issue of Exchange: The Journal of Public Diplomacy, PDC Treasurer William Kiehl not only discusses how Public Diplomacy is practiced abroad but also approaches the issues of defining “public diplomacy”, especially given the many terms nowadays used interchangeably with PD. Dr. Kiehl provides four case studies from his 33 year Foreign Service career. Each feature a project conceived, designed and implemented by the field post and tied to shared concerns and experiences in Sri Lanka, Czechoslovakia, Finland and Thailand in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. These examples from the past illustrate what can be done by creative and imaginative public diplomacy officers in the field today.


Addressing the Public Diplomacy Challenge

Kiehl, Dr. William (2009)

In the October issue of the Foreign Service Journal, Council Treasurer Dr. William Kiehl outlines a new and detailed structure for public diplomacy within the Department of State but with enhanced independence, autonomy, unity of command and purpose, and the freedom to engage publics creatively and pro-actively in ways that appear impossible within the confines of the current structure of public diplomacy within the State Department today. The new structure proposes to conduct public diplomacy more effectively, more efficiently and at less cost than the current unwieldy system. As Kiehl argues, it is essential to have a look at what is missing in current U.S. public diplomacy and to then identify practical steps to be taken in order to address those gaps.


Public Diplomacy Today and Tomorrow

Kushlis, Patricia H. / Sharpe, Patricia Lee (2009)

Council Member Patricia H. Kushlis and Patricia Lee Sharpe examine some of the missteps that have brought American public diplomacy into disrepute and made it ineffectual, look at some demonstrably successful best practices that may form the basis of a rehabilitated public diplomacy capacity and suggest organizational reforms that would integrate public diplomacy insights into the foreign policy process.


Renewing America's Voices - Ideas for Reform

Heil, Alan / Roberts, Walter / Zorthian, Barry (2009)

On the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, Council members Walter Roberts, Barry Zorthian and Alan Heil present eight ideas to guide a review of U.S. international broadcasting, which they recommend.


"Public Diplomacy Begins With You"

Mueller, Sherry (2009)

"Public Diplomacy Begins With You," in the Christian Science Monitor, counters five "myths." Read the article by the Public Diplomacy Council Member Sherry Mueller, who directs the National Council for International Visitors. 


Enabling Public Diplomacy Field Officers to Do Their Jobs

Rugh, William (2009)

Ambassador William Rugh observes shortcomings in the performance of public diplomacy at field posts, traces them to organizational flaws at the State Department, and offers recommendations for a "fairly simple" internal restructuring.


The Overseas Post: The Forgotten Element of Our Public Diplomacy

Canning, Mike (2008)

The public affairs sections at U.S. embassies are the critical link in effective public diplomacy, according to a new paper by Council Member Michael Canning, an experienced practitioner. View his study The Overseas Post: The Forgotten Element of Our Public Diplomacy.

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