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What's In VOA's Charter – And What Isn't

Tuesday, March 7th 2017

Since last year there has been an effort at the Voice of America to expand into “investigative reporting”. The best response by VOA’s stakeholders to this effort should be a firm and unequivocal No.

Why? Just look at VOA’s website.

Every day this government agency distributes stories to audiences around the world that are not even written by VOA’s employees. Instead, they’re written by reporters at The Associated Press, or Reuters. And that’s a problem.

The reason is because VOA’s reporters are required by law to follow strict guidelines regulating what kind of stories they should cover and, even more importantly, how to cover them. But outside organizations such as AP don’t have to follow those rules, and when they don’t, that’s a violation of the Charter under which VOA operates.

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David S. Jackson

David Jackson is a veteran journalist and former U.S. government official with extensive multimedia communications experience in domestic and international markets. authors name for more info

Author: David S Jackson

Time for the State Department to enter the 21st Century

Monday, November 1st 2010

The Past is Prologue

A little more than 60 years ago foresighted American leaders devised a national security structure for the post-World War II 20th Century.  In the 1980s, another group of foresighted American leaders devised a way to create a more efficient and effective defense structure for our national security.  Additional changes to create a Department of Homeland Security and to coordinate the intelligence community came after 9-11. Now the time has come for the current generation of foresighted American leaders to match these efforts in the realm of foreign affairs.

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KIEHL, WILLIAM P. authors name for more info

Author: Bill Kiehl

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