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Map of Afghanistan

Afghanistan: What’s Next?

The situation in the strategically important South/Central Asian country of Afghanistan is crucial in the foreign policies of the U.S. and its NATO partners in the days ahead. In Afghanistan itself, August 19 would normally be a day of celebration: independence from British control on that date in 1919. That’s hardly the case in 2021.…

map of Cuba and Haiti

Caribbean Crises: What’s Next?

By Alan Heil In rapid succession, new developments to the south are potentially threatening U.S. security.  Among them, crises in Haiti and Cuba. According to Politico, the Pentagon has made it clear it has no appetite for new U.S. military engagements nearby, yet experts and former officials are calling on President to devote more resources…

map of haiti

Haiti: Another Crisis

By Alan Heil The small Caribbean state of Haiti is once again plagued by seemingly unresolvable deadly turmoil. Located at the western end of the island of Hispaniola 400 miles south of Florida, this tiny country of 11 million people once again finds itself in the most horrific crisis this year in the Western hemisphere.…