As a career foreign service officer, Beatrice Camp was the first woman and the first public diplomacy officer to lead a U.S. Consulate in China.  She also twice managed U.S. participation in world’s fairs – Shanghai Expo 2010 and Milan Expo 2015 -- and served as Senior Advisor at the Smithsonian.  Now retired from the foreign service, she is editor of American Diplomacy, an online journal.

Students pose at USA Pavilion

How I Came to Love the Shanghai Expo

This article, first published in 2012, notes that “Although the United States has its own glorious history of hosting world’s fairs…we have had a spotty participation record in recent decades”.  The author, Beatrice Camp, served as Consul General during the Shanghai Expo 2010 and later as Washington coordinator for the Milan Expo in 2015.  After…