Loren Hurst is a strategic communications professional with over 25 years experience in public diplomacy, government relations, and digital communications. He specializes in the strategic use of virtual technologies to engage stakeholders, target audiences, and build reputation management solutions. As a practitioner, teacher, and voice performer, he works around the globe and addresses the communication risks associated with misinformation, especially on climate change and other science-related issues. His professional interests focus on the integrated application of strategic virtual communications, media skills, and sustainability.

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Making the Most of Talent for Virtual Programming

The value of presentation skill sets in public diplomacy is more important than ever. By Loren Hurst Today’s communications environment has vastly increased the importance of presentation skill sets at all levels. Public diplomacy practitioners compete with infinite content choices, where anyone can get online and produce a blog, podcast, or even a feature film.…

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Engaging Stakeholders in the Virtual Context

Building effective online interaction is all about listening, not technology. By Loren Hurst   Some time ago, I noticed the term “ecosystem” began regularly showing up as a descriptor for business and political concepts. Once a term confined to the natural sciences, today we have industrial ecosystems, policy ecosystems, innovation ecosystems, and many others too…