Global Dialogues and Nativist Travel Bans

The Trump administration’s immigration crackdown directly damages US cultural diplomacy, and undermines the flow of transnational cultural content in ways at once parochial and potentially damaging to the US as a source of global inspiration over the long term. This is how once influential US soft power can become irrelevant. The Trump administration’s anti-immigration crackdown,…

U.S. Capitol building with dome

Making the Hard Case for Soft Power: an Echo

There is room for optimism that Congress will reject the Administration’s proposed deep cuts to exchanges programs and to public diplomacy in general.  However, if you want to defend these programs, now is the time to speak out.

Through our member Sherry Mueller, the Public Diplomacy Council joined major PD advocacy organizations to sponsor “Making the Case for Soft Power” on October 9, where Congressman Don Beyer (D-VA) explained his view of the concept from an unusual angle: as a former businessman and diplomat.  Now he represents many of our readers in Congress.  Here’s his advice about advocating for exchanges.

8/30 Broadcasting Board of Governors Meeting Remarks from PDC President Adam C. Powell

Remarks by Adam Clayton Powell III Broadcasting Board of Governors August 30, 2017   Thank you, Mr. Chairman; Governors, Director Lansing, ladies and gentlemen.   My name is Adam Powell, and I am the President of the Public Diplomacy Council and Director of Washington Programs for the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Center for Communication…

“America First” Framework for 2018 International Affairs Budget Request Funds Core PD

By Joe B. Johnson “Asserting U.S. leadership and influence” includes core public diplomacy programs, according to the White House budget for 2018. We don’t have a formal strategy or a reorganization plan from the new administration, but a budget may be the most important statement about its new directions.  And this page from the State Department lays…